News - January 21, 2011

Photos of student demo in The Hague

It is the biggest student demonstration in the Netherlands since 1988: the latest estimates are that more than 11,000 students have gathered on the Malieveld in the Hague and trains full of demonstrators are still on their way.

'De Langstudeerders' make their mark with their protest song
A number of politicians have addressed the demonstrators, among them labour party leader Job Cohen, Emiel Roemer and Jesse Klaver. Anne-Wil Lucas of the conservative VVD party was in attendance too. The student's biggest grievance is the Halbe levy: anyone taking too long over their degree course is to pay 3,000 euros extra in tuition fees.
The Wageningen band the 'Langstudeerders' (long-term students) have just performed their protest song 'Dear Mr. Rutte'. The atmosphere is friendly, and even festive at times. Students react fiercely to the speakers but there is no sign of the rioting feared by the police.
Right now State Secretary for Education Halbe Zijlstra is speaking to the students.
Photos taken by Wageningen students can be found here .