News - November 19, 2010



Have you heard about the Rutte Cabinet’s new plans? Did you know that you will not be getting a grant for a Master’s degree as of 2012? Are you more than a year behind in your studies? Then from 2011 you will be paying 4,700 euros in tuition fees and you will lose your public transport pass, regardless of why you got behind!

These measures will have drastic consequences for student life in Wageningen, which currently enables you to play sports and develop other talents in addition to studying. Will you still be prepared to sit on a committee if you risk paying 4,700 euros in tuition fees?
But that is not all, as the new Government's plans also have consequences for the universities. If you get behind by more than one year the university will receive 3,000 euros more from you, but 6,000 euros less from the Ministry. This means the university will have to relinquish 3,000 euros. This will put the university under pressure to make sure students graduate as quickly as possible, which in turn will result in a fall in quality. This is despite the fact that the Cabinet's ambition is for the Netherlands to be one of the top five knowledge economies in the world!
The impact on Wageningen will be even bigger. Who is going to choose a tough, five-year course in the new situation? After all, you will have to take out a loan for the last two years and the heavier course load for our degree programmes means you are also more likely to get behind.
These days, there is only discouragement for developing talents outside your degree studies whereas in the past that was perfectly normal. For example Maxime Verhagen, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and responsible for Wageningen University, took 11 years to complete his History degree. And he of all people wants cuts for students who take a long time!?
But it is not too late. All students have to fight for their rights now - to fight for our knowledge economy and fight for our future. That is why you should sign the petition now. More than 60,000 students have already done so. Take action!
Wageningen University Student Council & Wageningen Student Union (WSO)