Nieuws - 9 juni 2011

Petition to keep Movie W

Wageningen student union WSO urges in its petition for a clear viewpoint regarding culture. 'The proposed cuts to Movie W must be abandoned.'

The Executive Board should start to take responsibility for culture and not make cutbacks in that area, says Wageningen student union WSO, which is starting a petition this week to save Movie W. According to WSO, the art-house cinema is threatening to become a victim of poor policymaking. Chairperson Karmijn van den Berg: 'Cultural education is part and parcel of university education and important for the development of students and staff. Wageningen already spends less on culture than other universities.'

Van den Berg is particularly critical of the University Board's lack of any kind of viewpoint concerning culture. 'If they did have a viewpoint regarding culture then at least you would be able to argue why one organization should get money and another shouldn't', she says.
The student union claims that it will mean the end of the art-house cinema if the situation does not become clear soon. That is because new films will only be available digitally in two years time. Movie W has submitted a request for a grant to cover the purchase of digital projection equipment. 'But we will not get that grant if it is unclear what the future holds for us', confirms Movie W committee member Huib de Vriend.WSO is putting the petition on Internet and will be out and about collecting signatures. It aims to hand the petition to the Rector before he meets with the Student Council on 28 June. Petition:

Student Council wants a say in the decision
Like WSO, the Student Council is also warming up for serious discussions with the University about Movie W. This week, the Council declared that it formally considers the art-house cinema to be a student facility. That can have major implications as the Student Council has the right of consent concerning student facilities. That means they could veto the resolution on Movie W. The Executive Board may deny that it is a student facility, but then they will face a problem, says Student Council member Martijn Kuller. 'We have been asking the Executive Board for some time now for a definition of student facilities. They promised us it in January but we still have nothing.' Incidentally, the Student Council is not necessarily against the plan but it is asking for postponement. Kuller: 'We want a clear proposal based on policy and a viewpoint, and we want sufficient time to evaluate it.' LvdN