Organisatie - 3 maart 2014

Petitie voor Kofferbakchinees


‘We want the Chinese van back’, stelt studente Mengfan Li in de petitie die ze gisteren online zette. Inmiddels hebben 143 studenten en medewerkers hun handtekening gezet, in een poging de Kofferbakchinees weer terug op de campus te krijgen.

In zeven punten zet de Chinese studente Plant Sciences uiteen waarom Eastern Express weer op de campus moet worden toegelaten. Het belang van de gebruikers zou voorop moeten staan, geuroverlast en rotzooi kunnen voorkomen worden en voor voedselveiligheid is er de Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit. Hiermee geeft de petitie een weerwoord aan de belangrijkste argumenten van de universiteit.  

Op facebook is een flinke discussie losgebarsten naar aanleiding van de petitie. Veel van de reageerders vinden dat de universiteit in haar recht staat.

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  • Wdewinter

    Wie eens de vergissing heeft begaan om tussen de middag door de vetwalmen van de officiële kantine heen de bibliotheek te bezoeken begrijpt dat "stank" een gezocht gelegenheidsargument is.

    Waar de kwestie evenwel echt eng wordt is wanneer de ene private partij (WUR) de andere (KBC) met succes van de openbare weg weet te weren.

  • Veenstra

    I'm definitely not against Eastern Express, they have excellent food for a very very low price, but large parts of these 7 points make no sense.

    Point 1. We trust that the concerns and welfare of students and staff, including Chinese and other international students and staff, are at the heart of WUR.

    How is this a reason not to ban Eastern Express? Like the welfare of WUR student depends on Eastern Express? And the focus is put on Chinese students, which is just descriminating.

    Point 2.
    "We really miss the food" You can still eat their food!

    "adds to the diversity of meal choices" So a 2nd Chinese vendor adds to the diversity?

    "WUR states on the WUR website" This tells you that you can eat in the restaurant, or pick it up, or have it delivered to your home. Clearly not "having it delivered to a parking lot".

    Point 3. Adds absolutely nothing.

    Point 4. The examples about the AH and the market place make no sense. And why be dependent on the students + staff when it comes to littering if you can easily prevent it by banning vendors?

    Point 5. Is incorrect, all vendors are banned from the campus, and all vendors are allowed to deliver to student-flats.

    Point 6. The first half is incorrect, the University is responsible for everything that occurs on their grounds. Therefore food safety and hygiene of food provided on campus grounds is WUR responsibility. The 2nd half is the same as point 5 and just as incorrect.

    Point 7. There still is a Chinese vendor on campus, so freedom, diversity and international culture are still intact. By the way, how is this different from point 2 about diversity?


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  • Amelia

    A big part of the problem is that WUR does not have a catering service that full fill the needs of students and staff. The better the catering inside WUR, the less people will need to find alternatives places to buy their lunch. So, just improve the services and stop waisting the time banishing catering services.

  • Simona Pedde

    Please, just let people choose what to eat. Some people like Forum food and others like Eastern Express.

    @ Veenstra: Eastern Express provides also with Chinese dishes for Chinese. The Forum caterar is a much more of a "Dutchified Indonesian" catering rather than Chinese.

  • Daniel Huang

    The real interest behind those dazzling excuses is quite simple and stink. The campus is the property of the university, so the university has the absolute privilege to ban whatever against its interest on the campus, no matter it might seriously hamper the basic rights of the individual student to choose his/her daily food.
    If the cage meticulously made by the law will not be used to regulate the privileged class, but be misused as the sounding pretence for them to officially get their interest from the proletariat individuals, it will be the most shameful issue of our democratic society.

    • not important

      well no body doubts about the pricilege of WUR to ban Chinese van.
      yes, WUR can ban whatever against its interests on the campus. but they really HAVE TO ban them all?

    • Xu Zhao

      Totally agree, I am just wondering why the wageningen University wasted their energy on these boring bans. As I see it, there are a lot of things need to be improved in our campus. For example, there are always lack of computers in Leeuwenborch. Please focus on those meaningful things, do some good things to students!

    • noname

      Hey, Huang, i saw that poll "Should Eastern Express be allowed to resume its catering services at WUR?", you gave a YES.

      hypocritical, but i see, you are a member of student union or something like that,so, hmmmm...."decent"