Student - January 22, 2018

Perpetrator of Forum incident suffered psychosis

Albert Sikkema

The Wageningen student who wounded two people in Forum on Thursday 18 January has suffered a psychosis. He has been admitted to a special ward at the Geldersei Vallei Hospital in Ede.

©Guy Ackermans

Last Thursday, the student stabbed a fellow student with the back of a point comb and subsequently wounded a WUR staff member who intervened. The fellow student, who follows the same programme as the perpetrator, had some light wounds and was released from the hospital the next day. The WUR staff member, Resource editor Roelof Kleis, had suffered a damaged brow and a black eye.

It seems unlikely that the perpetrator will return to the university or to his student dorm. ‘We will have a thorough look at this’, says Ingrid Hijman, head of the Student Service Centre. ‘We want to offer everyone a safe place, including this student.’ What made the student snap is unknown to her. ‘It is not possible to say; the most bizarre things get in one’s head during a psychosis.’