Nieuws - 21 januari 2011

Peeping Tom at Haarweg

A voyeur may be making his rounds at the student housing flats at Haarweg and Marijkeweg. Simone van Herrewijn, a student, was being peeped at while she was undressing in her room last Monday evening.

Simone's housemate, Tim, saw an unknown young man standing in front of her window. 'It didn't occur to me at first what was going on. It was only when he acted strange and fled that I realized what he was doing.'
It was about 11.30 pm in the evening and Simone was getting ready for bed. 'I did not see the slight opening between my curtains, but the boy must have gone to some trouble to be able to see anything.' She could not get a really good look at the person, but believes it was not an old man but a white boy in his early twenties. Simone: 'It's not what he had seen that I'm worried about. It's more annoying not knowing how long he was there. The thought that you're being watched is disturbing.'
When asked, landlord Idealis says that such incidents take place now and then, but there are not enough signs to take further action. The Wageningen police received one report last week about a man who acted in a strange way at Haarweg but is not able to say if that was a peeping tom. Idealis advises students to be on their guard and to report any incidents to the apartment manager and the local police officer. And of course, close the curtains well.