Organisation - August 28, 2014


When you show visitors around the Forum, the clamour of studying students and the clatter of the catering outlets always makes a dynamic impression. Visitors get the feeling, ‘yes, here there are people working on solutions’.

Personally I prefer to work in peace. Apparently there is a quiet room in Radix. Never knew that. Does anyone use it? I don’t know. I do know that we shall need a lot more peace and quiet to solve the problems facing agriculture. Enough peace to hear your own heartbeat, and that of others. Enough peace to be able to develop a different attitude to each other. First, peace and some serious reflection on whether what you want to say rhymes with your own heartbeat, and your neighbour’s as well. 

Suddenly I realize the fact that your heart beats is not a product of your own willpower. Your parents didn’t cobble together that pulsing organ, either. A heartbeat is something we were given by nature or another higher power. For nothing. I experience that as a fine responsibility. I also realize that life is a matter of finetuning your own heartbeat, in harmony with that of others. Not that I often behave that way, or am constantly looking to bring my words in tune with those of others. No, I generally blurt out my point of view without bothering about how appropriate or relevant it is. I am, after all, just a simple Wageninger. But I am pleased to hear there is a quiet room. For contempation and reflection. I hope that quiet room will become the heart of Radix. Is there one in the Forum? Or in any other WUR buildings?