Nieuws - 22 februari 2005

Passport problems

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has not yet renewed the visas of a number of foreign students who have already graduated, and one student got an ‘illegal’ stamp in his passport as a result.

According to head of Student Affairs, Stella Efdé, all students who want to leave the country, but whose visas have not been renewed, will receive a letter from IND, which they can show at passport control at Schiphol. At first IND refused to issue these letters, but after persistent requests from Wageningen University they agreed to do so. The problem affects students who need to stay on for a few months longer in the Netherlands because their study was delayed. Until recently the IND office was located in Arnhem, and the procedure took less than a week, but the office has now moved to Zwolle (120 km further away) and the employees there are not aware of the Wageningen circumstances. A delegation from Student Affairs will visit Zwolle soon to start building up contacts there.

Guido van Hofwegen