Nieuws - 24 augustus 2011

Party crasher pours cold water on beer party

This year's beer sing-along ended abruptly. A party crasher emptied a big pail of water all over the sound system at about 10.30 pm on Monday evening. He's likely to be smacked with a huge bill.

Before the band stopped playing...
The Eindhoven live band Midnight Run declined to carry on performing, which will surely add to the damage. The AID organizer then called an abrupt end to the party. Marlotte Braken of the AID committee: 'We had no sound and no band. The audio system was soaked, and can only be turned on again when it's dry. The extent of the damage will then be known.'
Down a beer
The beer sing-along is a communal-like event during which new first year students have to sing songs from a booklet. Whoever makes a mistake has to down a beer. This year's beer sing-along took place in the big event tent in the field between the Administration Building and LA13.
In fact, the young man who poured water on the sound system was not even allowed to be at the party. The beer sing-along was meant for AID participants only: first years and mentors. The water thrower had managed somehow to get hold of a ticket.
The illegal party goer regrets his act. Marlotte Braken says: 'He sent us a mail saying that he is tremendously sorry. In any case, I think the bill will make sure that he means what he said.'