Nieuws - 9 juni 2005

PSF loses seat to VeSte


The student council elections ended with the two biggest parties, PSF and VeSte, with five seats each. The third faction, CSF, retained its two seats. The committee announced the election results on Tuesday afternoon.

The election provided no big surprises. Although the Progressive Student Party (PSF) loses one seat and the United Students (VeSte) gains one, the two big parties remain in equilibrium and the Christian Student Party (CSF) retains its two seats. Everyone seemed satisfied with the results. Maartje Hogenboom, president of VeSte, expressed relief. ‘Last year we took a step backwards, going from six to four seats. That struck home, so this year we worked on providing more information. We made sure we are in touch with our supporters, especially the big student associations, and that has worked.’ The final distribution of the seats came down to four votes, so it was a close run thing. When the remaining seats were dealt out, VeSte had received a few more votes than PSF, so in the end got the extra seat. The other remaining seat went to the CSF. Despite the loss of a seat for PSF, the elections were a personal victory for Cathelijne Stoof. She was the only candidate who received enough votes to pull her over the threshold to gain a seat. Stoof: ‘I’ve already been on the council for six months for PSF, so people now know me. I guess I have made a good impression.’ At 36 percent, the turnout was lower than in previous years. On Friday morning, the last day of the elections, the turnout was only around thirty percent. The email that the election committee sent to all students worked. Although the turnout at most other universities has gone up, the national average remained just 27 percent. This year two international students will join the council: Shuo Wang from China for the PSF, and Moses Abukari from Ghana for VeSte. / JH