Nieuws - 15 januari 2009


The Wageningen International group which offers short courses and support for capacity development and institutional change in the South and in Eastern Europe (CD&IC) was merged with the Social Sciences group (SSG) from 1January. A working group will make plans for integrating the CD&IC group into the knowledge unit.

The Executive Board decided to separate the CD&IC branch of Wageningen International from the Front Office, which coordinates and supports the international activities of the WUR. In the SSG, the CD&IC group will have the working title of Wageningen Centre for Innovation and Development.

With the same organization brokering international projects on the one hand, and implementing them on the other, there was sometimes a conflict of interests in the eyes of the knowledge units. And it also meant that the work of the CD&IC group was not visible enough, says Bram Huijsman, director of Wageningen International. Huijsman thinks this separation will be good for the front office’s standing as a neutral broker, while the CD&IC group will be able to further expand its knowledge base in the fields of capacity development and change processes in agriculture, in collaboration with the social scientists.

‘For us, this is a welcome addition because we want to strengthen our international side’, says Rien Komen, operations manager of the Social Sciences group. With 52 staff, the CD&IC programme has a turnover of seven million euros a year. The group is housed in the WICC in Wageningen, and will stay there for the foreseeable future.