Nieuws - 28 maart 2013


The University of Gent now has a recognized student club for bondage and SM fans. Kajira, as the club is called, has fought for recognition for two years. The students are now allowed to meet in university rooms - for discussions at least. Not to get hands-on experience. If they do that, they will be punished.

A lot of students fear big debts. Not so Adam Richardson from the UK. When he badly needed a beer and a joint he borrowed a hundred euros. At an annual interest rate of 16,734,509.4 percent. He was recently declared bankrupt with a debt of 29,000 euros. If you are cash-strapped, you can apply to Capital Finance One too.
Female coal tits with a broad black stripe on their breasts produce heavier babies. And the whiter their cheeks the stronger their babies' immune systems are. Male coal tits look out for these features when they choose their mates, say Czech researchers from Palacki University. Are you too wondering what male homo sapiens look out for?
Babies respond to tones of voice. Even in their sleep, discovered researchers from the University of Oregon. An angry or hostile conversation affects the way children deal with stress and emotions later in life. So it's fine to have a row, but do it quietly and in a friendly tone of voice.