Nieuws - 20 januari 2005

Overhead cuts still haven’t sunk in

The first reactions to the plans presented for reductions in overhead costs in the support and administrative departments are above all of acquiescence.

Dr Chris Mollema, head of policy quality, Central Department for Research, administrative centre:
‘(Long silence). I’m so quiet because it still needs to sink in. Of course we saw it coming, and I can see that there’s something to be said for combining research and education policy. The dismantling of A&F was the most shocking news. Moving it to the university is an interesting development, but I wouldn’t dare to predict whether this will become a trend.’

Hans Kooper, employee in the ICT department of Facilities and Services:
‘I can’t say the news came as a great shock. The trend of concentrating the big systems in one place is already happening in the private sector. But sufficient local support in the work place remains essential. These big reductions will only work if enough time is taken for them. At ICT we are lucky that we have technology on our side.’

Sjaak van Ojik, study guide editor at the Central Staff Department for Education:
‘Radical. I thought Dijkhuizen’s presentation was very good. Now they’re getting down to business. I’m glad to see that those who do the work will be spared as far as possible. I’m not too worried at the moment.’ / GvM