Nieuws - 7 april 2011

Over the railing

Who? Aniek Hebinck
What? Is sailing in the Race of the Classics
Why? Fantastic and great fun going out to sea.

You've finished the first leg, but on Internet I see you are moored in Den Helder when you should be in Ipswich. Did you get lost?
'No, the weather forecast was so bad that some of the boats might not have been able to make the crossing to England, so the route was moved to Den Helder. We had a massive party there last night. The second leg is today.'
Did you notice the bad weather at all?
'We certainly did. It was wind force 7, which is pretty rough. We were sailing through the night and the original idea was that we would work in shifts so that we could also get some sleep. But it didn't work out that way. We kept having to change tack and needed everyone to help with the gybing. On top of that lots of the crew were seasick and were constantly leaning over the railing. One person threw up five times. We ate rather late, which was a mistake.'
Did you get a good result?
'We are very pleased with the provisional third place in our category of nine boats. Especially when you see that it is mainly navy boats ahead of us.'
Good luck with the rest of the race.
'Thank you. We will probably be sailing to Terschelling. At least we are well prepared this time; we bought a family-sized pack of travel sickness pills.'