Student - 11 maart 2020

OtherWise holds week-long celebration for twentieth anniversary

Luuk Zegers

OtherWise came into being 20 years ago when three student organizations joined forces. The anniversary is being celebrated with a week of art, workshops, lectures and a party.

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Each day of the anniversary week (Sunday 15 to Friday 20 March) will focus on a different OtherWise theme. Monday, for instance, will be about diversity and inclusiveness while Tuesday will be about indigenous know-how. OtherWise chair Inez Dekker (24): ‘On Tuesday we will be joining representatives of indigenous groups from Suriname and the Moluccas to explore indigenous peoples’ knowledge about the world, nature and climate change.’ Wednesday will focus on inner sustainability. ‘It won’t be about using your bike rather than the car, but more about connecting with yourself and with nature. We will be screening a film about inner sustainability and holding a workshop on nature awareness.’ Thursday’s theme is the alternative economy and Friday will be about activism and rebellion. ‘We will conclude with a party in the evening on the theme of music and resistance.’

Alternative paths to a sustainable future
Dekker has been actively involved in OtherWise for three years now. She has just completed her Master’s in International Development Studies at WUR. ‘At the end of my Bachelor’s, I did a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies in Amsterdam. I learned about subjects there that Wageningen doesn’t touch on, such as intersectionality and postcolonialism. I wanted to explore those new paths further during my Master’s. A friend introduced me to OtherWise and that was just what I was looking for,’ says Dekker.

OtherWise chair Inez Dekker
OtherWise chair Inez Dekker

‘People at Wageningen University mainly look at the world from a technological perspective. OtherWise is a space for students who want to take a broader, holistic view of things. What else plays a role in addition to technological facts? That could be about agriculture, diversity, social justice or many other issues. OtherWise is all about investigating those other kinds of knowledge. Our logo is a question mark formed by two hands. That is our task: to examine the world we live in and explore alternative paths to a sustainable future.’

Check out the full program here.

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