Nieuws - 1 maart 2012

Osiris nominated for Golden Nose

Playing the fool for a week has done the Osiris student society much good. Namely, this society for VHL students in Leeuwarden has been nominated for the Golden Nose. This is a prize from the CliniClowns Foundation as a token of appreciation for the best fundraising initiative in the country.

When Osiris celebrated its birthday last year during the society's annual 'Anniversie week', various festive activities were organized to raise funds for charity. Its council members dressed up as clowns to ask for donations from students and employees of the applied sciences university, a Wheel of Adventure was organized, anti-hangover breakfasts were sold to members in the mornings, and its council members got into a scaffold on Queen's Day to be pelted with eggs in the centre of Leeuwarden. The proceeds from all these activities (2063.19 euros) were given to the CliniClowns Foundation.
As a result, Osiris caught the attention of Eeuwe Broersma, one of the local ambassadors of the foundation. Each year, these ambassadors nominate the best sponsor initiatives in each province for the Golden Nose. Broersma, who was handed the cheque, was pleasantly surprised when he saw how much was on it: 'I did expect more than 10 euros, but not that much...'
Voting will begin On 6 March on the Facebook and the CliniClowns sites for the best country-wide effort. On 24 March, it will be known if the comical activities of Osiris were good enough to win the Golden Nose.