Nieuws - 16 mei 2013

'Orion is the finishing touch'

The new star in the Wageningen firmament is called Orion. The brand new building went into business on 6 May and student now have lectures there and can study at the work stations or take a coffee break in the luxurious grand café. Does the building live up to their expectations? We got some first reactions.

Does the building live up to their expectations? 
Suzanne de Bruijn
student and bartender at the student café
'A beautiful building, and impressive that it was finished so quickly. Everything at our bar works fine, although we still have to get used to it and where to find things. We have only just opened but I reckon the people who have dropped in for a beer liked it. I had a lecture this morning in the big hall, too. It is good that there are screens halfway down the room, otherwise it would have been hard to follow everything.
Stef van der Krieken
student of Molecular Life Sciences
When you step out of the lift on the eighth floor, the view is fantastic. Impressive. The whole building has a pleasant, spacious feel to it. It is good that daylight comes in everywhere. A bit of decoration would be nice, too. We just went into a lecture room to test everything;  there was no lecture going on. The teacher has just one screen with cool functions, and you can do everything from it, so it was fun to play a bit with that.
Stefan Hutten
student of Molecular Life Sciences
The lifts are better: I don't think there will be queues in the morning. The screens in the lecture rooms are very high, which I don't think is very handy for the teacher. It is a nice place to have lunch, although it still looks a bit bare at the moment. The roof terrace isn't finished either. It's going to have trees on it, isn't it?
Alexandra Ginja
student of Food Technology
The door in the lecture room was directly in our line of sight during the lecture. It was distracting to see people walking by and looking inside, for the professor as well. Part of the big lecture hall is also split in two parts by a wall. The lecturer has to divide her attention between two groups at the same time and the students can't see each other, a bit weird. Everything is a bit grey. It looks great now, but I wonder what will happen when it's rainy.
Hein Heuver
student of Environmental Sciences
There is a secret floor, the ninth. You can get to it in the lift. The café is an improvement on the Grand Café in the Forum, which is cheap and industrial. This is Starbucks. A lot better! And it has beer, so we stick around. It is a long walk to the bike racks, so the terrace here is already full of bikes. Orion is the finishing touch to the campus, a link between the Forum and Atlas.
Ivonne van Avermaete
student of Food Technology
The seats in the lecture rooms are really comfortable. The screen should be lower though:  the first rows were empty. The walls in the corridors need some posters, it looks very empty now. Or some plants maybe. The elevators are way better, they select the best option. I believe that the behaviour of students was taken into account in the design of the building.
Stella Gunawan
student of Food Technology
Orion is cool, very spacious. Compared to the Forum, Orion has more light coming in. I have the feeling that it is not completely finished. The stairs and some walls don't look like they are a part of the building (yet). The building has a modern and relaxed atmosphere; I like it. There was no blackboard in the lecture room, very inconvenient for the professor, but that will be OK as well.
Jhonathan Versteege
Student of nutrition and health
'A very illogical building. I can't even see where which lecture room is if I  go up the stairs. It all looks very beautiful but it isn't practical.
Luckily there is s different coffee machine. I hope this one is better that the Douwe Egberts one in the Forum. The space is really lovely, but they could have done more with it.