Nieuws - 30 juni 2010

Oranje flag flies at ESG

When the Oranje football team plays during office hours, ESG employees watch the match on a big screen, while the Wageningen UR flag at the Gaia office building is joined by two national football association flags.

When the Dutch team is in action, environmental research stands still for a while. ESG employees love a big round of football. Communications advisor Bert Jansen discloses that various employees, the staff association and director Kees Slingerland have insisted on having a big television screen.
When Sneijder and Van Bommel are running across the South African grass, the big meeting room doubles up as a football canteen. There are beer, chips and, of course, the match on the big screen. The signal comes via a satellite dish on the roof of Gaia.
When Oranje played at 1:30 pm in the middle of a working day, 150 ESG employees witnessed the Netherlands' 2-0 victory against Denmark. Come Friday afternoon, the flags will be flown again, for the last time, though. The semi-finals and final will take place in the evening.