Nieuws - 1 januari 1970



How can you call the English section of the Wb a Wageningen International
Student Paper?

It should be called the recipes, chitchat and novelties in Wageningen. The
whole section from the past 12 months, with few exceptions, is filled with
information that can be ignored. I must admit there has been an effort to
change the structure and content, but its not enough. Sometimes I skim
through the Dutch pages and can figure out that some contain real and
relevant information: university policy changes, visits from illustrious
guests, conferences, social events, how to get a free umbrella!
International students are completely isolated from what happens in the
university and the best tool to learn about changes and events in the
University is through the Wb. It is a pity that such an opportunity to
advise and transmit information is filled with articles that not even Dutch
students read, because it is useless.

The international community in Wageningen is desperate to read a newspaper
with world news, currency exchange rates, meetings and events happening in
Wageningen and surroundings. We want to know what is happening where and
why, but in particular what can we do to participate so that we can finally
be part of the Wageningen community.

Felipe Santiago Brown
MSc student, Plant Breeding.
Member of programme committee

This is a translation of the ‘muizenis’ (complaints) on the back page of
Wb. If you also want to get things off your chest write to us at