Nieuws - 12 april 2007

Opera at Van Hall Larenstein

International students from Van Hall Larenstein gave the kick-off for the Participatory Opera Project ‘The Valley of the Druves’ on Thursday 5 April by performing a small excerpt.

The project will culminate in a full-scale performance during the official opening of the Forum building on 4 September. Everyone at Wageningen UR can participate. Students doing the professional master’s in Training, Rural Extension and Transformation wrote a preliminary version of the story. ‘They did this for the practical part of their course,’ explains the course coordinator Loes Witteveen, ‘Which is about learning to organise participatory projects.’ Witteveen hopes that putting on the opera will create positive feelings about the move to the new building. ‘There has been a lot of discussion about the move, and now we need to make a fresh start together in a constructive way,’ she said. ‘We’d really like other people from Wageningen UR to join us for the production. Everyone who likes acting, singing or plays a music instrument is welcome. We are also looking for sponsors and someone who can lend us some horses,’ she adds intriguingly. / Koen Moons

Interested in taking part? Contact email('linda.haan','');