News - April 6, 2020

Online education - 'We have to make the best of it'

Luuk Zegers

How is online education going? Robin Baas (23) is a masters’ student of International Development Studies. ‘So far, my experience with online education is positive, but I do miss face-to-face interaction with the teachers.’

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‘The teachers also miss having face-to-face contact’, Baas says. ‘That is what I heard during the Skype interviews I conducted with teachers for the Teacher of the Year election, for which I am a member of the jury.’

‘One of the advantages of online educations is that people appear to feel more comfortable with asking and answering questions. This situation is also useful for showing what possibilities we have for distance education in the future. However, I feel that WUR does rely on physical education on campus to deliver true quality.’

Teachers are really doing their best

Small issues
‘Sometimes the sound is not good, or absent altogether, or the teacher might forget to switch on the microphone. Someone will point such small issues out, and the situation will be corrected. Another disadvantage is that teachers are less active in seeking interaction with students online, so you find your thoughts wandering more easily than during physical classes. But teachers are really doing their best and, together, we must make the best of it.’

‘My studies are currently taking up more time than before. Not because education is taking place online, but due to the corona measures. This prevents you from having social contact, which, for me, means focussing more on my studies. I read an extra article for my assignments and make extra efforts to keep up.’