Nieuws - 15 februari 2001

One office for Dutch and international students

One office for Dutch and international students

The Central Student Office (Studentenbalie) is about to take over the duties of the Dean's Office. The Wageningen Student Organisation (WSO) welcomes more integration but is not sure the international students will get the same service as before.

Contrary to what many international students still think, starting in March they will no longer be able to go to the Dean's Office on Mondays and Thursdays with their questions. For information on applications and general questions about housing, insurance and study programmes they will have to go to the Central Student Office on the ground floor of the main university building on the Costerweg. For more complicated and personal matters, an appointment is necessary.


Martine de Vos from the WSO: "As the study programmes are going to be the same for international and Dutch students, it is also wise to have one administration office. It should promote integration. But we would like to see that the students can get information immediately, and that the office has more manpower. For international students, it should also be clear where they can go to for information."

Some employees of the former Dean's Office will transfer to the Central Student Office and can thus pass on their knowledge and insights concerning international students to the other employees. In this way, the central office hopes to gradually be able to give better service to international students. Starting in March the Central Student Office will be open 8.30 - 14.00, Monday to Friday.

Hugo Bouter