Nieuws - 24 augustus 2005

One and a half litres beer per person

Sixteen hundred litres of beer over two evenings, reports Unitas committee member Jeroen. On Friday and Saturday there were eight hundred people at Unitas on each evening, so that’s an average of about one litre of beer per person.

‘But because about two-thirds of them drink beer, the real average among the beer drinkers will be somewhere between one and two litres per person,’ calculates Jeroen. ‘That’s quite a lot, and means a good turnover for us. I reckon that our turnover for the whole AID will be nearly four thousand litres.’

The other student associations had no figures available for their beer consumption. Ceres is not allowed to divulge the information, as that is one of the clauses in the contract with the brewer they use. A Ceres committee member did comment however, that Breezers, Smirnoffs and Flügeltjes that were wildly popular last year are now firmly out of fashion. Some were drinking straight hard drinks, but it was mainly beer that we were serving.’/ JT