Nieuws - 1 januari 1970

Ondernemingsraad LNV blijft bezorgd over DLO

Ondernemingsraad LNV blijft bezorgd over DLO

Ondernemingsraad LNV blijft bezorgd over DLO

De departementale ondernemingsraad (DOR) van het ministerie van LNV heeft zijn zorgen over een verzelfstandigd DLO in een informeel overleg besproken met secretaris-generaal mr Tjibbe Joustra. Wij zien dat bij DLO - hoewel elke keer wordt gezegd dat het goed gaat - toch als duveltjes uit een doosje steeds verliezen tevoorschijn komen, licht DOR-lid Marc Roosjen toe. De verliezen mogen niet ten koste gaan van het personeel.

Roosjen is redelijk tevreden over het gesprek. Joustra zei de zorgen van de DOR te delen, maar heeft goede hoop dat DLO genoeg geld uit de markt kan halen. De DOR vreest dat de financiƫle problemen blijvend zijn en zal de ontwikkelingen goed volgen

Nu de meeste DLO-instituten niet meer onder LNV vallen, kan de DOR nog maar beperkt invloed uitoefenen. Maar het is niet: uit het oog, uit het hart, zegt Roosjen. Dit geldt des te sterker omdat DLO een voorbeeldfunctie heeft voor de andere onderdelen van LNV die de overstap maken naar Wageningen UR, zoals het praktijkonderzoek, ILRI, IAC en Facilitaire Dienst. M.Hg

If the University Executive Board gets its way the Dutch name for the WAU will be changed to Wageningen Universiteit before the summer. Agriculture is to be cut from the title: apparently this sector of the economy has a bad image at present and that is keeping potential students away. The new name is based on how universities are named in English, which is deemed appropriate for an internationally oriented establishment. Reactions have been mixed. Kees van Woerkum, professor of Communication and Innovations Studies can see that in terms of international orientation it is understandable, but in Dutch the name is back to front. It'll take a while to get used to, but we may as well go ahead. Hanneke Vlek, 3rd year Environmental Hygiene student: it sounds funny, but it's good that agriculture has disappeared. After all the university has a lot more to offer: environmental hygiene, food sciences and molecular biology. Rob Jansen, chairman of the work group on unnecessary English at Onze Taal: Foreigners use the word concertgebouw for the Dutch orchestra, so why can't they use universiteit? It's not that difficult.

The genetic make-up of the Colorado beetle is determined by daylight length. This insect pest causes large amounts of damage to potato crops in both America and Russia. In addition, the Colorado beetle develops resistance to chemical pesticides very quickly. In the search for new methods of control, researchers have been studying the survival strategies of the beetle. Adriaan Vermunt carried out research for his PhD in the WAU Department of Entomology. He discovered that the gene which is responsible for the degradation of the juvenile hormone is influenced by the length of daylight. During the short winter days the gene is activated, so that the juvenile hormone is broken down, and the beetle dies before hibernation time. In the summer the gene remains inactive, the amount of juvenile hormone increases and the beetle gets ready to reproduce. Information on this mechanism is important for developing effective pesticides

The DLO Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (IMAG-DLO) has recently introduced two new sensors which are now available commercially. One sensor measures the conductivity of cement as it hardens, which means that waiting times during construction can be shortened. The SigmaProbe measures the conductivity of water in soil. If you know which ions are in solution in soil you can work out whether plants have sufficient fertilizer. The new sensor can be used in the soil surrounding the root zone of plants, rather than having to first extract water and take it to the laboratory for measurement. This makes it easier to measure at a number of locations in a greenhouse or field. The sensor will be of particular use in warm climates where high concentration of salts in soil is a problem. The SigmaProbe is being marketed through Delta T, which has a world-wide sales network

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