Nieuws - 13 december 2012

'On the lookout for fast first-years again'

Who? Mario van Telgen, WUR team member in the Batavierenrace 2012.
What? Team delivered the best sporting achievement of 2012.
Where? Election for the Wageningen 'Sportspeople of the Year' at the Bongerd Sports Centre.

There are only seven of you here. Where are the rest?
'We only heard about the nomination four days ago, and not everyone could take the time off.'
Pleased with the prize?
'Yes, it is nice to have this recognition. It is a pity we were the only nominees though. And we have already had the real reward, the party at the end of the Bata.'
I see you have brought the Bata Cup along. What a whopper. Here you got a trophy and one bunch of flowers between you all.
'Oh well, at the request of the rector, the trophy will probably be placed on the Wall of Fame at the entrance to the Sports Centre. That would be especially nice.'
Already working towards the next race?
'Tartl├ętos is already on the lookout for fast first-years and good race results. Hopefully, once again at the Bata of 2013, the running and the logistics will go as well as the observing of the strict rules like carrying your passport and getting your wristbands cut off. After all, it's about the sporting achievement.'