Nieuws - 2 december 2010

On her own among the farmers and pensioners

Who? Sheila Kolenbrander, first-year Animal Management student
What? Sometimes stays in Leeuwarden for the weekend
Why? The return journey home costs nearly 10 hours

How much time do you spend travelling?
'There and back in a weekend will take me a total of nine hours and twenty minutes. I have to get to Kerkrade, a small town in south Limburg. A lot of work is carried out on the railways in the weekend in particular. That, in combination with the wintery weather conditions, leads to lots of delays.'
What do you do during a weekend in Leeuwarden?
Sleep, watch a bit of telly, do my homework and clean the house. Most people leave Leeuwarden during the weekend, which makes it pretty boring here. The city seems really different when you know none of your housemates or friends are around.'
What do you notice about the weekends?
'I only really leave the house to do the shopping. I do notice that there's a slightly different crowd then: more farmers and pensioners.' '
What has Leeuwarden got that Limburg hasn't?
'A hard 'G'.   Besides that, the town has got a lot of character and lively canals.'