Student - 1 december 2011

Old-fashioned horror

Move W knows all about horror. Ever since the summer, the board has been frantically looking for the way out to freedom while the blood-soaked ceiling slowly descends upon them... Aaargh! So the Swedish film Häxan, to be screened during the mini-film festival on 15 and 17 December, could be considered appropriate.


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The film starts as a documentary about witchcraft through the ages, with drawings and illustrations of Satanism. It moves on to scenes of increasing violence, with torture, seduction, and an erotic hallucination in a church. The film ends with a comparison between mediaeval witches and ‘modern' hysterical women. Not much difference, apparently. Häxan was unusually explicit and shocking for the nineteen twenties, which was why it was banned almost everywhere.
The mini-film festival is Movie W's traditional preview of the Rotterdam film festival. This time in December rather than January because it looked as though the film house would not survive into the new year. That deadline has now been pushed on until April, but because all the films have already been reserved, the festival date stays the same. But it could still turn out to be the last Move W mini-film festival, which certainly gives the event a little extra cachet.
Movie W mini-film festival on 15 and 17 December, starting with Häxan on 15 December at 20.30 hours.