Nieuws - 7 mei 2009


At the Van Uven festival in the Wilde Wereld theatre on 29 April, amateur musicians were given the chance to show what they could do. The atmosphere at the English-language festival was very intimate, even though there were nearly a hundred people in the audience, including many international students.

The programme was varied, with lots of classical music and some nice pop numbers. A particularly impressive act was the performance of their own composition ‘Moonlight’ by third year students of International Development Studies Nienke and Katinka. ‘Sometimes there are just two friends who are not really talented enough to study music or anything. But somehow, we are not sure why, we just decided to write a song together.’ Hidden behind the piano but singing with abandon, they gave it all they’d got. The festival was organized by the student music associations WSKOV and De Ontzetting, in collaboration with Studium Generale.