News - November 11, 2004

OWI reduced

The new central teaching institute (OWI) will need far fewer people than the present education organisation, according to the draft report ‘Reorganisation of teaching’. The reshaped teaching organisation will consist of one central organ with only one director and one board, instead of the current four institutes each with its own domain. The introduction of one overarching OWI will mean that teaching within the university will be better organised and capable of changing more quickly in response to societal changes, according to project leader Professor Pim Brascamp. The current course coordinators will be renamed course directors and will have more say in the new system. They will also become chair of the course committee and will lead the course teams, but will not necessarily be study supervisors. The department of Education at head office will be headed not only by the executive board but also by the OWI director. The consequences for current staff have not yet been made known. The plans first have to be approved, and changes will be implemented in the new year. / JH