Nieuws - 27 juni 2002

Not all new Chinese students will be housed in Dijkgraaf

Not all new Chinese students will be housed in Dijkgraaf

Accommodation office SSHW has scrapped plans to house all the Chinese BSc students due to arrive in 2003 together in the Dijkgraaf student flat. SSHW plans to create international corridors in different apartment blocks in the next few years, for Chinese and other nationalities.

The original plan of SSHW to house 100 Chinese BSc students in the top floors of the Dijkgraaf student flat met with strong resistance from the Dutch occupants. They were worried that the lifestyle of the apartment block would change, and the current occupants of the upper floors did not want to leave. After consultations with Dutch and international students, SSHW has come up with an alternative. There will be no corridors specifically set aside for the Chinese, but they will be housed in international and Dutch corridors. The SSHW intends to keep to the agreement made with Dutch students that not more than a quarter of all rooms in Dutch corridors will be allotted to international students.

The university expects that the number of international students coming to Wageningen will grow in the coming years. SSHW and the university have already reserved one hundred extra rooms for foreign students next year, but neither is convinced that this will be sufficient. Paul Deneer, director of the department of Education and Student Affairs explains: "It is very difficult to predict the numbers. Many applicants do not yet have a visa or are waiting for a scholarship. We won't know exactly how many are coming until the last minute."

SSHW plans to create 600 new rooms to accommodate the increasing student numbers up to 2005. Vice director of SSHW Jan Harkema says that they want to take the wishes of international students into account, for instance so that it is easier for older students to bring their families with them if they want to. Incoming international students will also be asked about their preferences, so that for example an all-women corridor could be created, or if the Chinese BSc students all want to live together that can be arranged.

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