News - December 13, 2007

Not a bad year

In 2007 almost everything got better. Forum was opened, the research institutes were out of the red, student numbers rose. A selection of Resource trivia from not such a bad year.

February: Croquettes are full of horsemeat, Wageningen students discover. Animal rights group Wakker Dier puts the findings on its website so consumers can see which brands of this Dutch delicacy contain horse.

March: Alterra is not only a large building in Wageningen with lots of environment-friendly people, according to a survey by Alterra spokesman Bert Jansen. Alterra is also an anti-depressive, a psychedelic rock group and an American old people's home.

May: Bad news for the croquette industry. Rob Moormann of the Animal Sciences Group predicts that West Nile virus, African equine pest and three other horse viruses will soon arrive in the Netherlands and wreak havoc in the horse sector.

June: Talk, talk, talk about ‘integration’, but are we actually doing anything about it? Forget it. Wageningen student life is plain, old-fashioned segregated. There are three different groups that hardly mix: the natives, the international students and the Chinese.

September: The official opening of Forum takes place. Queen Beatrix and prime minister Balkenende come for the occasion. The latter uses the opportunity to tell students they need to study harder, a six is not good enough. Those present forgive him: after all it’s a party today.