Nieuws - 31 mei 2007

Non European graduates can stay longer

Graduates from countries outside the EU who want to work in the Netherlands will have a year to find a job. The starting salary required for a residence permit will be lowered to 25 thousand euros.

The government agreed to these changes on Friday 25 May. Up till now, graduates from outside the EU looking for employment had only three months to find a job, and needed to earn a minimum salary of 34 thousand euros. The relaxing of the rules for starters comes in response to advice from the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) and the Advisory Committee on Aliens Affairs (ACVZ). Both bodies had indicated earlier this year that the strict regulations for foreign knowledge workers were at odds with the government’s aim of attracting more highly educated people to the Netherlands. The lower starting salary of 25 thousand euros is more in line with what graduates can expect to earn. Foreigners also need to be able to support themselves financially in the period between their study and first job: they are not eligible for Dutch social security.