Nieuws - 4 november 2004

Non-EU employees now insured

Employees of Wageningen UR from outside the EU can now obtain health insurance. Until last week that was a problem. Last week the Human Resource Management department of Wageningen UR came to an agreement with its insurers, VGZ.

Until last week it was impossible for non-EU employees to get health insurance if they did not have a valid residence permit. However, they could not obtain their residence permit from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) if they had no health insurance. The impasse has been broken: Wageningen UR’s insurance company VGZ has produced a declaration of intention for the employees who are affected. They can use this to apply for a residence permit from IND. Once they receive their permit they are insured by VGZ with retroactive effect.

Employees who need a declaration of intention must apply for this through the official broker, explained Jane Wessels of HRM. The employees at Plant Research International who were affected are now insured, with retroactive effect. /JH