Nieuws - 3 januari 2011

Nominations for Teacher of the Year 2011

The candidates for the Teacher of the Year 2011 have been announced. They are Jan Willem van Groenigen, Gert Peek, Ute Sass-Klaassen, Paul Torfs and Renger Witkamp.

These five lecturers received the most votes from students, who were able to choose from a longlist of 171 candidates. A record number of students voted this year - 1199, or 27 per cent of the total number eligible to vote. All Wageningen university students are allowed to vote except for first years.

New Year's reception
The election of the Teacher of the Year is an initiative of the Wageningen University Fund (WUF). The winner will be announced on Tuesday 11 January during the Student Council's New Year's reception. The winner will receive a certificate and a replica of 'The Tutor', an artwork by Jan Praet, the original of which is in the Leeuwenborch building. All nominees will receive 2500 euros, which they must spend on teaching.

Plant cell biologist André van Lammeren won the prize last year. Gert Peek (Soil Sciences and Geology) and Paul Torfs (Hydrology and Water Quality Management) were nominated last year as well. The remaining three candidates for the 2011 best teacher prize have never been nominated before. Jan Willem van Groenigen is a soil scientist at the Soil Science Centre. Ute Sass-Klaassen is a forestry scientist with the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group. Renger Witkamp is a professor of Human Nutrition.