News - June 15, 2006

Noisy students can be thrown out

Usually the new Wageningen University student statute does not differ much from the previous one. But in the rules for the coming year there is a noticeable addition: noisy or destructive students may be denied admission to buildings in future.

The new measure is the result of an incident that took place a year ago. A student disrupted group work. Lecturers asked the student to stop, but he continued. He was called up before the rector, and that helped for a short while, after which he started to misbehave again. As a result the Executive Board decided to take measures to prevent misbehaviour. Sipke de Jong of the department of legal affairs: ‘These kinds of measures are allowed by law, but must be made known. That is why we have added the new article to the student statute.’ According to De Jong there have been very few incidents in the past at Wageningen University where students have had to be sanctioned. ‘In the twenty-five years that I have worked here I have never come across an example before this one. But I don’t think that means there’s a change of climate. Most students are still nice and pleasant,’ said De Jong. / JH