Nieuws - 5 maart 2010

No to Bastiaan, yes to Hermien

No to Bastiaan, yes to Hermien. Rien scrapes in, Ben and Marco get a resounding yes vote. Wageningen UR has provided several councillors.

The last issue of Resource included portraits of five Wageningen UR employees who were trying their luck in the Municipal Council elections. The day after the elections, it's time to take stock.
PvdA candidate Hermien Miltenburg is stepping right up to the Renkum council. Although her party lost two of its six seats, Miltenburg was safely in third place on the list. Wageningen's VVD candidate Bastiaan Meerburg was not so lucky. He was fourth on the list, but his party only won three seats: exactly the same as four years ago. Pity, but being one place higher on the list would not have got him anywhere either, as the number five, Ada Wink, got in on personal votes. Meerburg got fifty seven votes of his own.

Wageningen's Rien Bor was luckier. Having been elected as a socialist in 1998, he defected to the Stadspartij (City Party) after the last national elections. An SP candidate followed his example, so the City Party has recently been represented by as many as four people on the Wageningen council.  Twice as many as the party managed off its own bat in the last elections four years ago. The voters put that right now and halved the party's number of seats: they now have two. Bor was number two, so he can carry on for another four years. Ben Schulter from Westervoort has been on the council since December for Groen Links (the Green Left party). He gets to stay too. As party leader he managed to salvage two seats, the same number as the party managed last time. Marco Verloop from Veenendaal will also be pursuing his career as SGP councillor for a further term. He led his party to gain four seats, the same number as last time round.