News - June 29, 2017

No seat despite the most votes

Madhura Rao

Giulia Homs got 320 votes in the latest elections for the Student Council, more than any other candidate. But despite this, the Environmental Sciences Bachelor’s student did not get a seat. She was eighth on VeSte’s list and that party only got seven seats. She also just missed getting in on preference votes, falling short by 32 votes.

Photo: Veste


‘I knew in advance that I would be eighth on the list. VeSte asked me to stand in the elections because they were one candidate too short. They wanted someone from Argo, which is why they chose me. I thought a year on the council would be a good way to both represent students and develop myself. But I knew that VeSte would have to win eight seats or else I would have to get to persuade an awful lot of people to vote for me personally. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get on the new council. That feels strange but I was prepared for it. I would have preferred for us all to be in the council because as candidates we became a really close team.

 How did you manage to get so many votes?

‘I talked to people during the election week and tried to persuade them to vote for VeSte. A lot of people came up to me too because they thought I had good ideas about improving the sports facilities. I also asked people what they would want to improve about the university.’

 Will you be campaigning again for VeSte next year?

No, I don’t think so. I didn’t enjoy badgering people. Some people got really irritated and I had a few negative reactions.’