Nieuws - 27 mei 2010

No no go


I would like to respond to the 'No Go' on the 'Go/No Go' in the latest Resource (no. 19), which I read with astonishment and indignation.

For a start, I must say that I have never really understood this page. Why would you condemn in advance activities you haven't been to yet, and which students might have put a lot of hard work into? I have yet to meet a student who sees the fun of this. Fine to give your own opinion, but do it on a firm basis of some kind at least.
But for me the latest 'No Go' marked a low point for this page, and made it clear to me how little the writer had researched the activities. It started with the headline: 'Save the StuFi'. That was NOT the slogan of the demonstration, which was to be 'Don't let education run dry' - as was clear on the flyer. Because it was not just about student funding, but about higher education in general.
And then there was your comment that students were 'busy enough' already with their own stuff, and 'didn't feel like it'. Sad, isn't it, that Resource should encourage students just to be happily selfish and not bother their heads with an issue that is so important for students.
This was followed by the comment that 'What is more, those demonstrations are really something for leftwing hippies.' It would have been a good idea for this writer to have found out who was working on the event of 21 May. I don't know exactly what the writer's definition of 'leftwing hippies' is (or, incidentally, what is wrong with them anyway), but I can hardly imagine that the National Chamber of Associations, the Wageningen associations Ceres, KSV and SSR-W, or the national student body ISO (which includes VeSte) would be categorized as such. This was a campaign with a broad support base, and it puzzles me that Resource, which is read by so many students, is so negative about it.
In short: Dear  Resource, please stop aimlessly knocking student activities that haven't even happened yet. A diary in Resource is fine, but only give your opinion after an event. And try to think of something that is really funny.
Marlies Bos, secretary Wageningen Students' Organization
Editor's comment
Since we started with the new layout on 29 April, the diary on page 30 has been open to everyone again, without any editorial interference. Except for just one Go and one No Go, which do express a view, intended to be provocative. The No Go you are referring to was pure sarcasm: 'Go and have a nice macchiato at the Grand Café and don't get worked up about anything.' A little dig at the Wageningen student apathy about demonstrations.