Student - 24 juni 2016

‘No increase in tuition fees for British’

Nothing changes for British students at Univerisity of Wageningen this year or next year. There will be no increase in tuition fees for them says Ingrid Hijman of the Student Service Centre in a response to the outcome of the EU referendum.

The tuition fees are higher for students coming from countries outside the EU. The upcoming departure of the United Kingdom from the EU could mean an increase on the current tuition fees for British students. The British and the EU are going to negatiote on this for the coming two years.

It is because of this period of time that the university sees no reason to take immediate action. Hijman: ‘We don't want students to panic, for now nothing changes.’ The Association of universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) agrees with the university and says there is no immediate consequences for students and researchers..

There are currently thirty students with a British nationality studying at Wageningen UR..