News - September 27, 2012

No fine for AID committee

Halbe levy

The slow student fine really is coming into effect, despite grumbling in Parliament. But there is one exception in Wageningen. Students who spend a year on the AID committee do not have to pay the slow student fine if they get behind with their studies because of their AID work. Policy officer Liesbeth van der Linden confirms that this makes them the only group of student committee members who are being compensated for the measure. 'The AID committee members work for the Executive Board. Even when the slow student fine is in force, they will still need to have enough people doing this job.' There are two other groups of students besides the AID committee who are eligible for compensation for the slow student fine: students who take a two-year social sciences Master's and students who get behind for reasons beyond their control, such as illness, a disability or exceptional family circumstances.