Nieuws - 15 september 2011

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Name? Nyima Zoutenbier
What? Abactis/ External Assessor at KSV Franciscus
Why? The initiation rituals at KSV got into the news through the father of a dropout.

There was a heated discussion on our website this week about the student who dropped out of your initiation ordeal. How do you see it?
'Well, we have decided not to make any public statements about it. The board has talked to the person concerned and that's it.'
And more generally then: perhaps you could tell us why KSV considers an initiation ritual desirable?
'I feel no need to discuss that.'
On websites there were also some rather threatening noises made about the lad concerned not being able to walk through the Forum in peace.
'That may have been written in frustration. There is no question of KSV doing anything to harm the person concerned. For him this has no further consequences.'
Were you all shocked by the commotion?
'Sorry but we are not going to say anything else about this.'