News - February 3, 2005

No binding study advice after all

After last week’s report in Wb the executive board of Wageningen UR has announced that it is not planning to introduce a binding recommendation regarding continuation of study.

Wb reported last week that Wageningen University was preparing to introduce the BSa (Bindend Studieadvies), and that a proposal had already been discussed with study supervisors who were in favour of the move. A day after the article appeared the executive board published a press release, saying that so far only a study has been done, and that the executive board ‘will not be adopting the conclusions of the study cited in Wb’. The board also writes that study results in Wageningen are high ‘therefore a measure such as this would have no added value. Study coordinators keep a close eye on the progress of individual students and any problems arising can be resolved through individual talks.’ According to Wageningen UR spokesman Simon Vink, the subject has never been on the agenda of the executive board. ‘A number of things went wrong. This should never have leaked out in this way.’ / JH