Nieuws - 30 september 2004

No Chipknip

At present only students with a Chipknip (cash card) can reload their printing and copy credits.

The prepaid cards mentioned in the Facilities management handbook are not yet available in Wageningen. Ard Harting of the ICT department at Facilities management admits that something went wrong. ‘We had understood that the pre-paid cards would be available at the tobacconists round the corner. We are now going to try and make sure the cards do arrive in Wageningen for those who have no Chipknip.’ Many foreigners do not have a Dutch student account and therefore do not automatically get a Chipknip. They can request one separately. Meanwhile the transfer to the new system is not yet complete. Harting: ‘The system has now been installed in the general PC rooms and the library. In the second round all printers and copy machines in the departments will be converted.’ / JH