Nieuws - 24 augustus 2005

No CAID yet for next year

Over a thousand new students took part in the introduction days this week. At the moment though it looks at the moment as if this will be the last time that incoming students are introduced to Wageningen in this way. There are still not enough students who have signed up to be on the organising committee (CAID) for 2006.

It is the first time that before the start of one AID there is no new committee for the following year, tells committee member Jenneke van Elderen. She doesn’t know exactly how many committees there have been. ‘We tried to find out, but didn’t manage. We know that there have been at least twenty-five before this one.’

Without an organising committee the programme is likely to be very different next year. ‘It will probably be organised by the university and there will be other changes as well,’ says van Elderen. One change is likely to be in the length of the introductory week. ‘At present the AID is extremely well organised. It is unique that such a small university town manages to provide a six-day programme,’ according to van Elderen.

Nevertheless, the current CAID has not given up completely yet. ‘We hope that some of this year’s crew members might want to continue. After this year’s AID we’re planning one last big action to try and convince them,’ says van Elderen. She’s not sure what it will be yet. ‘First we have to make sure this year’s AID goes off well.’ / LH