Student - August 31, 2017

Nine refugees to take courses

Linda van der Nat

Nine refugees will embark on a free course at WUR in September. The group will join students on one or more courses that have been opened up to people who do not yet have a residence permit, or who have a temporary residence permit.

© Guy Ackermans

A total of 27 people have registered for this ‘WURth-while’ programme, says coordinator Marjolein Dannenburg. Nine of them will start next week on 10 courses, distributed over the various subject areas at WUR. Dannenburg is struck by the drive among the refugees who have signed up. ‘Some of them have such beautiful and touching stories to tell. Some people have taken such enormous steps, and through this project they can get a little bit of a helping hand. According to Dannenburg, a number of the refugees are aiming at a Master’s programme in Wageningen. ‘For them, WURth-while is a unique chance to start getting used to the education system here.’

When the programme was launched at the end of June, 40 courses were opened up, and now there are 85 available to refugees. Dannenburg finds the response of teachers ‘heart-warming’. ‘The Sociology of Development and Change opened up nearly all its courses. Other teachers have thanked me for the chance to take part in this project, instead of me thanking them for their contribution.’