Nieuws - 30 mei 2012

Nicolas Appert most sportive of them all

The student society of the Food Technology faculty, Nicolas Appert, will hold the title of most sportive society in Wageningen UR for a year. The food technologists were champions in the Battle of the Studies (BotS) last week.

A student hurtles himself as a living bowling ball against the pins.
The BotS was organized for the fifth time by sports federation SWU Thymos. The theme was 'It's a kind of magic'. Thymos staff set up various games on the field at De Bongerd, ranging from the very appropriate Quidditch to human bowling. The latter was especially popular with the more than one hundred participants, says committee member Kim van Noort. 'The weather was right and made this water activity great fun. Just keep your hands by your side and go for it!'
The students of Nicolaas Appert had the best average score in all the events. They are the owners of a huge travelling trophy this year.
The nicest thing about the BotS, says Kim, is getting to know fellow students in another way. 'You do something other than sit in a lecture hall.' The games themselves also attracted attention in many ways. 'We tried all the time to make the events funnier than they would otherwise be. Hilarious acts with a twist.'
The number of registrations this year for the BotS was rather disappointing, concluded Thymos. 'Eighteen teams signed up, less than what we expected,' says Kim. 'It seemed that many study societies had also chosen this day for their activities. Things will be different again next year.'