Nieuws - 11 november 2004

Newspaper rescue

A telephone call to the national newspaper the Volkskrant worked better than endless phone calls and letters to energy company Nuon for a student house in nearby Renkum. An article in the newspaper led to an immediate reaction from Nuon, and fairly soon the students should have gas, light and water again. Their utilities were cut off at the end of October, as their bills had not been paid for over three years by the house owner, resulting in a debt of twenty-four thousand euros. It was not the students’ fault that the bills had not been paid, as they have paid their rent regularly every month, which included service costs. The students have an emergency fund, which the Nuon is now claiming, although the students say that this should be done through the house owner. Unfortunately the owner has not been tracked down. As winter looms the students will probably agree to a separate agreement with Nuon so they can get warm again. /YdH