Nieuws - 16 december 2010

News quizz 2010

2010 was a turbulent year. Resource looks back with twenty quizz questions. About Oedipus, Oeneus and cricket drumsticks. And what was professor Frans Kok's blooper again?

1. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn visited the campus this year. In which country is she the crown princess?
a.      Thailand
b.      Taiwan
c.      Sri Lanka

2. We've got our own lipdub! With collective playbacking to which number?
a.      I want to break free (Queen)
b.      Love is in the air (Justin Bieber)
c.      TikTok (Kesha)

3. How much more than the 'Balkenende norm' did board chairman Aalt Dijkhuizen earn last year?
a.      About 50,000 euros
b.      About 100,000 euros
c.      About 200,000 euros

4. What are international students in Wageningen happiest with, according to the student barometer?
a.      The catering
b.      The academic atmosphere
c.       The quality of the education

5. Last year, Wageningen University used 16,788 experimental animals. Which animal was the most frequent victim?

a.      Chicken
b.      Fish
c.      Rat

6. Which new study programme was launched in September?
a.      Master's in Leisure, Tourism & Environment
b.      Bachelor's in Tourism at the university
c.      Major in Pet management at VHL Leeuwarden

7. What did Joris Driepinter have, according to Wageningen research?

a.      Low bood pressure
b.      An Oedipus complex
c.      The wrong idea

8. The first insect snack opinion poll was held this year. Which snack won?
a.      Bug nugget
b.      Worm muesli
c.      Cricket drumstick

9. Fat piggies get ................. more often, ran the Resource headline. Which words are missing?
a.      Chased around the pen
b.      Their feathers picked
c.      Their tails bitten

10. Which advice issued by professor of Nutrition Frans Kok went down the wrong way with the Dutch Health Council?

a.      The optimal alcohol consumption is two glasses a day
b.      A good cook takes a swig now and then
c.      Moderate drinking can be part of a healthy lifestyle

11. The new bus route across the campus crosses the busy Bornsesteeg cycle route. What will be installed to prevent accidents?
a.      Lollypop ladies
b.      Barriers
c.      Flashing lights

12. Which prize did 'Wageningen' NOT win this year?

a.      The Annual Academic Prize
b.      The Big Wageningen Dictation
c.      Akzo Nobel's consolation prize

13. And his name will be ... Oeneus. Who or what?

a. VHL Velp's new student society
b. Rowing club Argo's new boat
c. Bernhard's column

14. An Idealis tenant was put under house arrest for four days. Why?
a.      Because of a persistent louse infestation
b.      Because of bedbugs
c.      Because of rent arrears

15. Between you and me. Which society really exists?
a.      BSG (Brabant Students Guild)
b.      Wageningsk Studinte Selskip foar Fryske Birne
c.      LaarY

16. A reluctant marriage, according to Resource. What?

a.       Isric's move to the ESG
b.       The merger between Van Hall and Larenstein
c.       Aalt Dijkhuizen's reappointment

17. Who wasn't banned from speaking out this year?
a.       Programme director Hans Hardus of VHL Leeuwarden
b.       Resource
c.       Ceres members

18. Who can officially call himself grand master as of this year?

a.      Pim Meurs (third at European Cup draughts)
b.      Andre van Lammeren (Teacher of the Year)
c.      Victoria Naipal (represented Surinam at Chess Olympiad)

19. They were pictured cycling naked from Wageningen to Arnhem. Of course you paid attention to what they were protesting about.
a.      Cuts to student grants
b.      The shortage of rooms for foreign students
c.      Environmental pollution

20. VHL Velp's sticker is their latest weapon in the war on language errors. What does it say?
a.      Language alarm! Cannot assess this work until you improve the language
b.      Epic fail for language
c.      This is not up to the language standard

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