Organisation - December 21, 2018

News quiz 2018

Roelof Kleis

The centenary has dominated WUR news for the past year. But a lot else went on besides that. In this traditional end-of-year quiz, Resource shines the spotlight on 20 noteworthy events. What was so sustainable about Louise Fresco’s dress? And why are international students getting free Dutch lessons?


1 At the European Universities Games in Portugal, Argo rowers Tijmen van Rietbergen and Julian Bakker won gold medals in the lightweight coxless pair race. Coxless?

a No pilot

b No doping

c No apples

d No balast

2 The Wageningen Centennial is a commemorative flower developed in The Field, the experimental garden next to Rikilt. What kind of flower is it?

a A rose

b A daylily

c A knotweed

d An orchid

The Wageningen Centennial ©Guy Ackermans
The Wageningen Centennial ©Guy Ackermans

3 The café MLGB opened on Campus Plaza. The letters stand for:

a May Love Grow Bigger

b My Life’s Getting Busier

c May Love Grow Boldly

d My Life’s Getting Better

4 Bachelor’s student Geert van Zandbrink wrote a book about the classical roots of Dutch words. The book is called:

a Post Scriptum

b Linea Recta

c Ad Fundum

d Cum Annexis

5 Only five competitors reached the finishing line in the first Dutch Student Orienteering Championship on the campus. What happened to the rest?

a They got lost

b No one else signed up

c Of all the people who signed up, only five turned up

d The rest finished outside the time

AID 2018 ©Guy Ackermans
AID 2018 ©Guy Ackermans

6 The AID went pear-shaped for 50 participants. They got...

a drunk

b diarrhoea

c stoned

d lost

7 Rikilt developed a way of distinguishing between different kinds of salt by the sound they make. The principle the method is based on is aptly named:

a The Tequila Effect

b The Rolling Stones Effect

c The Hot Chocolate Effect

d The Doppler Effect

8 Who said what? Match the letters with the right number.

1 ‘A scientist has a use-by date. You have to be very aware of that.’

2 ‘So what do you do? Have a booze-up! And the teachers joined in.’

3 ‘That first day was really horrible’

4 ‘With growing awareness, egocentrism diminishes’

a Extraordinary professor of Sustainable Fisheries Management Adriaan van Rijnsdorp bows out

b Emeritus soil professor Johan Bouma indulges in introspection

c Erstwhile Teacher of the Year Gert Peek confesses

d Biological Recovery and Reuse Technologist Cees Buisman has a profound insight

9 The introduction of the Extended Daytime Schedule meets with few official complaints.  The schedule was brought in...

a because students would rather start earlier and finish later

b to reduce crowding in the canteens in peak periods

c because WUR is growing too fast

d to spread bicycle traffic through the Tarthorst over the day

The Ceres solar panels ©Sven Menschel
The Ceres solar panels ©Sven Menschel

10 Student Society Ceres wants to use the heat from the beer coolers to...

a heat the earth

b keep the solar panels snow-free

c heat the board room

d heat the building

11 WUR president Louise Fresco wore a sustainable dress at the Opening of the Academic year. What was not used in making the dress?

a Algae silk

b Pineapple leather

c Waste ink from printers

c Bacterial dye

Louise Fresco’s sustainable dress ©Guy Ackermans
Louise Fresco’s sustainable dress ©Guy Ackermans

12 WUR is going to bestow the title of distinguished professor on outstanding and prominent professors. Who are the first two professors to receive this honour?

a Richard Visser and Marten Scheffer

b Willem de Vos and Marten Scheffer

c Marcel Dicke and John van der Oost

d Willem de Vos and Marcel Dicke

13 The new Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity is based on five fundamental principles. What doesn’t a scientists need to be?

a Original

b Transparent

c Scrupulous

d Independent

14 Wageningen research shows that cows at rest in Portugal prefer to face south. What is the explanation for this phenomenon?

a High-voltage power lines in the area disturb their internal compass

b In prevailing winds, they get least wet when it rains

c This position keeps them coolest in the heat of the day

d Cows’ internal compass is calibrated to 130 degrees

15 The Chinese PhD student Yue Han proposed to his girlfriend in a special location. Where?

a In a hot air balloon above the campus

b Under the new carillon on the campus

c In the panda palace at Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen

d Under the Chinese rubber tree planted by King Willem-Alexander near Atlas

16 Honours students developed the first Wageningen MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to be created by students. Yes, of course, it’s about...

a cows

b pigs

c chickens

d beer

17 International students can get free classes in Social Dutch at In’to Languages. Why is that, according to rector Arthur Mol?

a So they can make themselves understood in the canteen

b So they can integrate better with indigenous Wageningers

c So they can prepare themselves for a job in the Netherlands

d So they can follow Dutch news

18 PhD student Arjan Droste discovered that it can be windier in the city than in the surrounding countryside. What did he call this effect?

a the Droste effect

b the Wind tunnel effect

c the Wind island effect

d the Vacuum effect

19 Milestones in 2018. True or false?

a 100 years of agricultural education in Wageningen

b Wageningen University the best in the Netherlands for the 13th time in a row

c WUR wins the SustainaBul prize as Holland’s most sustainable university for the 6th time

d Wageningen Connect is the first student party to win seats in the municipal council

20 Wageningen scientists bred the first Dutch banana. What is so special about it?

a The banana contains cannabinol

b The banana grows on substrate

c The banana is resistant to Panama disease

d The banana is straight

The answers are on p.31 in this pdf-file.