Nieuws - 13 december 2012

News quiz 2012

Phew, that was quite a turbulent year for Wageningers and their colleagues in other parts of the Netherlands.

What with VHL cutting loose, researchers unravelling those genomes, students demonstrating after an interview with Aalt Dijkhuizen. Do you remember it all? Test your knowledge with our news quiz. All the good answers will go into a hat and the lucky one will win a 100-euro restaurant voucher. 
1. What went up in smoke?
a. Student housing on campus
b. Pulse
c. The slow student fine
2. Who howls when the class is over?
a. Slow student Bart after his last lecture at Zodiac
b. Second-year Inge about Teacher of the Year Frits Klaassen
c. First-year Heinrich after every class at VHL Leeuwarden
3. Which didn't 'we' win?
a. The Batavieren Race
b. The Meester Kackadoris Prize
c. The Golden Nose
4. Which genome was not unravelled by Wageningen?
a. The genome of the tomato
b. The genome of the banana
c. The genome of the orange
5. Osiris students get their share of it. Of what?
a. Bokma
b. Sonnema
c. Boomsma
6. 'I realize it is special.' Who said this?  
a. Dolf Weijers, Wageningen UR's youngest professor (36)
b. Diederik de Moel, winner of the strongest man contest at Thymos
c. Laan van Staalduinen, the new boss at the SSG
7. 7!
a. The number of staff members at VHL with confidence in Ellen Marks
b. The average H-index score of all Wageningen scientists
c. The number of female chair-holding professors in Wageningen
8. Hacker who hacked the WUR card, but came a cropper: 
a. Przewalskipaardje
b. Dikke Snicker
c. Schmallenberg
9. How many beers does the Wageningen student drink on average per month?
a. 39
b. 20
c. 9
10. This year Rutte said:
a. 'When you are in China, they don't talk about Harvard. They talk about Wageningen, the agricultural university.'
b. 'I was in Turkey last week and I can tell you: they haven't heard of Harvard there, but they have heard of the University of Wageningen.'
c. 'If you ask about Harvard in Putten, they give you a blank look. But they can find their way to the University of Wageningen just like that.'
11. Resource distributed condoms to first years. What was the message?
a. Resource, brings you the hard facts
b. Resource, for telling it straight
c. Resource, gets to the bottom
12 Bert Heusinkveld (Meteorology) thickens the ice on the Elfstedentocht skating race route with: 
a. dry ice
b. liquid nitrogen
c. imidacloprid
13. Eureka at Imares! Farmed sole breeds:
a. in green led light
b. in cold winters
c. on a meagre diet of red algae
14. What is this? (see picture)
a. The design for urban farming at Eco Valley in Beijing
b. The design for urban farming at Food Valley near Barneveld
c. The design for urban farming at Oosterwold near Almere
15. Aiming no higher than 6 out of 10. For who or what?
a. Wageningen UR's new toilet paper
b. Martin Kropff is considering selecting  students on merit
c. The new caterer Cormet
16. 'A good excuse for kicking out Albron,' said Derek (on the Resource tasting panel) about the caterer. What was he referring to?
a. The soup
b. The meatball
c. The salad
17. Aalt Dijkhuizen looks back in Resource on his plea for intensive agriculture:
a. 'The truth was better off without me'
b. 'Naive of me perhaps, but I really thought we would manage it'
c. 'You are free to disagree with that, by the way' 
18. A species of lab animal that is being wiped out by Wageningen UR:
a. Otter
b. Chameleon
c. Honeybee
19. Under pressure from FrieslandCampina, De Goor is renamed:  
a. Weidegang
b. Bronland
c. Melkweg 
20. Which students suffer the most stress?
a. Those living at home
b. Bachelor's students
c. International students
Email the correct answers to before 5 January 2013, with the subject 'news quiz'.